This retired tour manager got offended from an obese person during flight, seeks apology

This was like a normal day when a retired holiday tour manager came across an overweight woman during her flight. She claimed that the woman was above the normal weight limit and she was seated next to her which as a result embarrassed her. According to this woman, Margaret Burton, 72yo, this overweight fellow passenger was offered an alternate seat. miss Burton claimed that the overweight passenger blocked the space for her armrest. miss Burton claimed further that she requested the woman to move a little as she was not feeling well but the women declined to follow her suggestion. The staff of the airline suggested miss Burton that she should change her seat which she had booked in order to stay sitting near her husband. however miss Britain decided not to change her seat because she has advanced booked a special seat in order to remain in close proximity of her husband.

They did offer for me to move seats but why should I? I was travelling on my 55th wedding anniversary. Why should I move seats and travel for 11 hours away from my husband? I had pre-booked that seat so that we could sit together. (said miss Burton during an interview with

As a result, miss Burton felt dejected, she thought that the passenger who was overweight, at least 24 stone, needed to change the seat. The passenger later showed her desire that she would be returning on the same flight, miss Burton decided to pay extra 90 pounds in order to get her seats upgraded and avoid sitting with the passenger again. However when the issue got published in the news websites she was refunded her 90 pounds, despite getting paid with the damages miss Burton believes that the holiday company compromised the passenger safety. The holiday company, TUI, on the other hand says that they could not make a passenger remove her seat just to protect the dignity and respect of a guest. Miss Burton thinks that being an obese person for medical reasons was totally acceptable but she felt that the other passenger [the obese one] should have paid for it and this would have avoided an awkward situation as she wouldn’t have been able to book a seat next to her.

The armrest couldn’t be moved because of the safety of the passengers. But when I mentioned this to the cabin crew they couldn’t – or wouldn’t – do anything to embarrass her. My safety, as well as hers, was put at risk because of this. Along with this, she took away the space of my dinner table. (added the passenger who got offended because of the obese fellow passenger)

The TUI UK upon getting some traction in the media is currently looking into the matter, as woman claims that she didn’t get the space mentioned in the contract of the ticket.

The reply which she got from the customer service of the airline after she opened up a complaint. She was bound to her anniversary celebrations

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