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This real police officer tries playing a Cop in Grand Theft Auto V & it’s hilarious

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Grand Theft Auto V is a game which most of the people have already played. It’s a character playing game with missions and story lines. The game is pretty immersive as it feels like the person is living the reality when it’s all facade. The Grand Theft Auto became famous when Vice City was released. People with pentium 4 computers were able to play this game. As the technology grew, with better hardware, better games came into existence.

Grand Theft Auto V is an amazing game which offers its players some sense of freedom with amazing graphics. The city in the game is open to be invaded. The freedom which this game offered along with the awesome graphics made it the first choice for most gamers.

The game has police cops and army

The Grand Theft Auto V has police cops and army. Once the player does something bad in the game which isn’t in accordance with the city rules then the police starts chasing him for putting him in the jail. This game has a country army and other security paraphernalia.

This cop in real life decided to play a cope role in the GTA V. She was recorded while she played this role. In the game she followed every cop rule which they follow in original life. The result was hilarious as for sake of some entertainment the game developers have included some adrenaline worthy moments inside. This police officer being new to this game was quite amazed to learn the rules inside the game which she had to unfollow to prove the real life rules inside the game.

The funny moment happens during the gameplay when she calls a backup to get someone arrested in the game. Even her own backup didn’t follow the police rules and they rammed into her in hurry to get to the criminal escaping the scene. The expressions of the lady during the game play are perfect. She didn’t expect something like this to happen. She was awed to see the perfect mode of her police vehicle which she was riding to catch the thieves.

This video was shared by Buzzfeed Entertainment and since then it is going viral because a lot of people want to see some police cop playing actual role of a cop in a game which helps public understand the police rules of business.

This would be an amazing video for those who love to dogde police during game play. Imagine a cop playing a cop in the game.

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