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This Man pulled a KNIFE in the middle of school to prove a point

Written by Logical Men

The debate on the gun regulations in the USA is on its peak. From a perspective of an outsider, this seems like a yes or no solution. But for the people of America, this is a complicated issue.

The rise in such debates is a direct result of the recent increase in shootings. The argument is between two sides, one claims that guns are the problem and should be taken away, while the other side claims that the problem is with the people, who intend to cause harm. The guns provide safety and it is their constitutional right, which cannot be altered.

Every person has a different method of putting forward their point to make others understand what they are trying to tell. But it’s a slippery slope and sometimes the things can get out of hands.

Recently a video surfaced on the social media, which shows a meeting in a school for the discussion on guns.

A guy, who was apparently a pro-gun advocate, tried a unique method of putting his perspective forward. He was a having a discussion with a woman. He claimed that due to his large it was possible for him to easily overpower her.

He said that it would take police few minutes to reach for her help and then pulled out a knife. He later said that she was totally defenseless and that if she had a gun, things would have turned out to be different in a real situation.

People got angry and demanded his removal from school premises. His method may not be appropriate, but he certainly gave some strong points.

It could have been a person with a knife or a gun, intending cause harm. This is why the gun discussion is complicated, each side has strong arguments to support their claims. These complications are the main reason that there seems like nothing can be done in this regard.

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