This man made an official world record of “TIME TRAVELLING”

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Many people don’t know that there is someone who holds an official record of going through time travel. Time travel and Einstein theory of relativity are linked with each other. The 20th-century scientist knew that time is another dimension.

This record of Time Travel is claimed by Sergei Krikalev who has spent more time in orbit around the Earth than any other person in the entire world. This time equals 803 days, 9 hours and 39 minutes. This fact was brought forward by Universe Today. This guy is a retired Russian space adventurer.

Universe Today explained in a post that because of the dilation of time beyond the earth, Krikalev has lived 0.02 seconds less than anyone in the world. This means that he has traveled 0.02 seconds into the future. This calculation was based on the proposal put forward by the Einstein which was later proved as a fact. Einstein had stated that the passage of time is relative for two different objects traveling at different speeds or experiencing different levels of gravity.

Dilation is something real which was proved as a fact. The aircraft with atomic clocks were flown around the earth to check the difference in time. These atomic clocks are accurate. According to the time dilation, every astronaut faces a time gap who travels at speed of 7.71 km/s in the International Space Station. This amount of dilation is so small that it amounts to a very small number which is not considerable.

If anyone works out the math then Krikalev has gone further than anyone else in terms of dilation of time. 0.02 seconds is the time length which has made Krikalev hold the world record of going through Time Travel. In some ways, this is pure science but it’s pretty much amazing. Something which everyone must know!

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