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This Lego Funeral set aims to teach children the concept of death

Life is not permanent and this is understood by almost everyone. However, most people learn about the phenomenon of death once they become an adult. Children are not accustomed to this phenomenon and mostly parents don’t feel like telling them either. They feel that the kids should enjoy the world and they should experience everything to full without thinking that this would come to an end sooner or later. However, this lego company is trying to change this tradition. The company wants that the kids should be all knowing about the funeral and its preparatory requirements.

Children who are not accustomed with the process of death, they often feel quite lonely when they lose someone dear in their life. This blocks are designed around the concept of death, grief, funerals and cremation. There are several themes included i these lego blocks. Interested people can visit this website for more details. Meanwhile, let’s have a look into more themes which can be portrayed using these blocks.

This funeral museum decided to help the younger ones better understand the death. The lego kit which they presented as a solution to this problem attempts to include every procedure followed at funeral scenes. The creator of this lego kit told BoredPanda that the first lego was created by them in 2016. It included a tram which was used in second world war to bring bodies in the central cemetery of Vienna. The cemetery is largest in the world. It has around 330,000 graves and tombs which are spread over an area of 590 acres.

The need to make other products was faced when the cemetery custodians were asked questions like, “Should we bring our children to the funeral?”, “What would our children think after participating in the funeral?” 

They designed legos to help children understand the processes involved during the funeral. This news about new kind of legos has become a centre of world’s attention. Many parents think that the children should not be given such toys. They believe that the children should come to know about this funeral concept after they are fully grown into mature minds.

What do you think? Do you believe this is a good step?

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