This Japanese cafe employs paralyzed people using futuristic technology at $9/hour

Japan is quite well known for the technology. After the World War II the country was reduced into piles. The biggest impact of the war is the reduction of infrastructure back into raw material. Only a few countries can recover from a turmoil of such a huge scale which once Japan faced. However, later with the help of American aid, Japan was able to rebuild its cities and give some meaningful exports to the world. Today, Japan holds quite a share of the American production in technology.

Japan is known for quite a things, however this futuristic cafe would be strange of all the earlier known information. This cafe is unique because it has three humanoid workers as waiters. There is something unique about these human like robots.

There are humanoids working in this cafe which brings paralyzed people Jobs

These humanoids are actually controlled by the paralyzed people. These robots then serve the concerned customers who come at this cafe for eating and enjoying their meal. 

A family waiting to be served by a robot which is controlled by a paralyzed person

This cafe uses the robots from Orly Labs to serve their customers. The brilliant thing about this cafe is giving employment to differently enabled people. These people get around $9/hour for giving their services. The cafe aims at helping the disabled people so that they may gain some financial freedom in their lives.

A differently enabled woman controlling the robot for serving the order to a customer

There are around 10 people who are working for this cafe. They are getting paid a good amount which is making them financially free. These robots are controlled with the help of eyes and other inputs. It depends on the person who drives the robot. These sensors track the movement of eyes and give robot those specific movements on ground. This means that differently enabled people can use these robots as proxies. The CEO of Ory Labs says that he wants to build a world where people who can’t move their body might be able to work and earn.

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