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This is why putting a firecracker into a fridge is a bad idea

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People like doing new things and with the old stuff often comes the boredom. The same is not true for the relations, the older a relation the more entertainment it can bring to the participants. Let’s just stick to attempting new practical things. Putting a firecracker into a fridge is definitely something new and the title of this article brought you here as you were too curious to know the end results.

This guy put a firecracker in the fridge

There is this website called Reddit where people share their content which is often divided into categories. So this one users, u/vacaroiu shared this one amazing video where one of his fellows (maybe) do something queer with the fridge. Something which no one would have thought to do unless he had no love for his fridge. Definitely this isn’t something OSHA approved.

Note: Please, don’t try anything like this at home as you can seriously get injured. This video is already a sort of warning for those who had thought of doing it before.

The first guy in the image can be seen running away as the second guy opens up the fridge for sake of putting the cracker. The first guy with black jacket understands the consequences. However, the other guy with a grey shirt on is quite oblivious. He not only opens the fridge with a strong motive of putting in a cracker but also holds it for proper door lock.

This is what happens when he locks the door of the fridge with hands after putting in the cracker

Just after watching the video you’d understand that the lads are having some fun inside. Those who watched the video had mixed reactions, one person pointed out: “It’s weird because he has his safety pants on and everything.” The other person replied to it in a hilarious way, “Hey! It’s OSHA approved that’s why.” Whereas it can’t be because there are no safety glasses. (Ah, okay, I’m playing with you. Enjoy the video and don’t do this.)

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