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This is Why One Should Never Leave “Lighter” in Car on a “Hot Day”

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An extremely shocking video surfaced online which shows a seat of a car totally melted, shows the exact reason why one should never leave a lighter in a vehicle on a sunny day.

Due to the extreme rise in temperature because of hot summer that reached 30-degree centigrade a passenger seat got completely burned and melted. Kayla Lee, who is from South Carolina, posted the footage of the incident online on Facebook and since then it has gone viral. Moreover, as of this moment it has been viewed over 5 million times. The video gives clear picture of the extent of the accident that damaged the car badly. A male, who is presumed to be owner of the vehicle, can be heard telling about where “metal pieces flew into”, pointing to the holes in his passenger seat.

Sharon Gates Flora, who is also based in Carolina, before has warned about the hazards of leaving lighters in vehicles.

She reportedly left one lighter on the front passenger seat, she told how the lighter got extremely hot and exploded all of sudden, it also hit the windshield cracking it to a great extent. There was no work around and she had to replace the windshield as a whole. Despite the temperature warning on the lighter being 50 degree centigrade, it exploded despite the outside temperature bring 30 degree centigrade because inside of the vehicles can reach upto 60 degree centigrade in direct sunlight.

Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service are requesting public to take extra measures with objects in their cars, with temperatures expected to reach even higher in the upcoming days.

There have been more than 100,000 cars go up in flames every year in the United Kingdom, according to report. Many of these accidents happen because of negligence of basic precautions to remove hazards.

The video can be found if searched, we can not provide video since it violates our advertiser agreements.

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