This is how Notre Dame can be rebuilt using the help of Assassin’s Creed: Unity

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As everyone knows that Notre Dame caught fire yesterday and a major top portion of the building is no more in a good stature. The building was attracting quite a number of tourists from all around the globe. Indeed, this incident proved to be quite a loss for the France. The building is 800 years old and it holds a sentimental value to christians. It played a huge role in the history and culture of the France. The Eiffel tower is barely 132 years old meanwhile this building is close to a thousand years old, this make it quite important.

The efforts to rebuild the building were under consideration as the news of Notre Dame’s fire broke out. There are different sources which are going to help in the reconstruction of this building. The data of its structure which is available would make sure that the new building constructed may be quite closer in looks and experience to the previous one. Those builders and architects who are chosen for this project are currently viewing numerous pictures and videos to recreate the cathedral in all its glory. Help started to pour in from all around the globe, however little did the authorities of the Notre Dame knew that the game Assassin’s Creed: Unity could play a role in the restoration.

GPS World has suggested that the 3D maps of the Notre Dame which were made for the game Assassin’s Creed: Unity would prove to be useful for reconstruction of the original structure. People might not have expected Assassin’s Creed to emerge as a hero for helping the construction of the lost part of Notre Dame as a result of fire. It’s worth knowing that Ubisoft doesn’t mess around when it comes to reconstruction of the maps and cities in the game using 3D modelling technology.

Unity artist in an interview given to The Verge had said that she spent around a year in the building in order to create a realistic looking model without losing any details. 

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