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This is America: 10 Pictures guaranteed to make you smile like an Idiot

Written by Logical Men

American culture is plain amazing, it has diversity and after years of struggle, just digestible human rights. The American society of today is an amalgam of different societies. Back in time when this land was discovered in 1492, a rat race began between different powerful countries of that time. What was the reason behind the America discovery? Well, Spice may be the right answer. The Ottoman empire was choking the trade routes which went through their lands and hence some alternate trade routes to prevent the meat going rancid had to be adopted.

France, Portugal, Spain and most importantly Great Britain were in race to acquire their fair share in America. Later, the American society decided to form their own federation which makes the today’s America with 50 states.

Carl Manley walks this lady home every single day

This lady came across this older lady a couple of months ago. She asked her to help her walk her home as she was old enough to do that on her own. She feared that they may not slip on ice and break a bone or two. Since then they both have become friends and now she walks her home every day. This is sweet, no?

Anthony Borges, 15yo, who used his body to hold the classroom door shut against a miscreant protecting 20 other students inside

This guy on bed, almost everyone knows him. These guys are the real hero and hence the police guy is holding his hand to praise for his bravery. This brave kid saved the lives of 20 other students.

An officer talks man out of committing suicide, saves his life

An officer is trying to talk man out of committing suicide. He succeeds and 8 years down the line this guy has now kids and he keeps this officer high in regards as he had turned his life upside down that day.

A local group of friends which cuts lawns of elderly people

These two guys offer their services of lawn cutting for free to the older people. They do so because they know the pain of cleaning the lawn once a person is old. They are the heroes which America deserves.

Just look at this stranger, he is helping another guy he doesn’t know

This stranger came across this guy who was struggling with his tie. He stood up and helped him to suit up well. Hope he has scored his job. This is the kind of gesture which we need to people in need.

Kid donates his only money to the muslim community

This kid was saving money to get an iPad. However, once he learned the news that a a local mosque was vandalized, he didn’t waste a minute and took his savings to the Muslim community. However, later the same Muslim community helped him get an iPad. Gesture well received.

Uber driver not only takes this guy to hospital but also keeps company

This is an amazing thing to do, Uber driver not only takes this guy to the hospital but also keeps a company with him to keep a check on him. Uber driver made this awesome gesture because this guy’s family is out of the town.

This is what makes American society amazing

We are not born to differentiate between races. This is true, look at the face of the kid.

Professor feeding the baby meanwhile mother takes the quiz

This professor heard a baby crying in the classroom. He was a good human thus he had to take an action. Thus, instead of her mother leaving the quiz for feeding him, this professor stood up and took care of the matter. He offered the mother to take the quiz meanwhile he fed the baby.

Baseball fan holds an umbrella over JROTC Member on memorial day

This gesture is just plain sweet. This baseball fan cares for humanity as compared to the protocol. He just proved that a human being is a human being and he must be cared for no matter what the circumstances.

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