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This internee girls lives on $25 an hour and is facing the internet’s backlash

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Lifestyle is something which must be contained within bounds. The wishes of humans don’t see an end. This is largely because of the prevalent comparison which exists between people of different classes. Once contentment is achieved then people don’t compare themselves with the others. This is the beginning of a new lifestyle.

This girl wrote that she spends around $25 an hour to get the best living she wants from the life. However, people didn’t welcome the idea and thus she faces a strong backlash. Refinery29 runs ‘Money Diaries” which is a column in which different people explain their spending habits. The people also explain the source of their income.

The recent column featured an internet at NYC. There are many inters in the city. She wrote that she makes $747 a week. She also babysits and from that earns around $100-$120 every other week. She also has an additional backup for her financing through her parents. The parents pay a monthly bill of $2000 for her residence in NY. Additionally, she gets a monthly allowance of $800 from her parents and $300 from her grandparents. There are no education loans on the girl and she is currently taking education.

The internet felt that such an amount of money was not good for the girl. Thus they decided to give their opinion on the matter.

The people say that the girl should not be writing about money because she doesn’t need any management. The good point about the article is the added anonymity. People think that the girl is anonymous otherwise many other would have been running against her after getting jealous of her luxurious lifestyle.

Another person wrote that anyone getting $25 an hour working wage along with $1100/month in cash and a $2000 a month rent from her family, on top of her 3400 a month take home, is equivalent to around $100,000 in salary.

Well, what do you think? Do you think it’s the fault of the girl?

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