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This hotel has Christmas 365 days a year & everyone should have a stay

Written by Logical Men

Imagine going to a place where its Christmas 365 days a year. Well, the idea seems unbelievable but there is a place in reality where it’s Christmas around 365 days a year. This seems like a dream come true as many people love the eve of the Christmas. As the month of October starts, people become excited as they believe that Christmas is near. The kids are specially happy as they are waiting for some shiny presents through out the year.

Christmas is a favourite time of everyone. There is no one in the world who may deny the importance and beauty of the Christmas. The things go cheap and almost everyone wants to send gifts to their loved ones. The kids wait for the Santa Clause.

There is a restaurant where anyone can find Christmas around the year. Yes, this is true, Christmas Farm Inn and Spa in Jackson, New Hampshire celebrated Christmas around the year. The happy tourists from all around the globe visit the place to enjoy Christmas even if it is not the month of the December. This beautiful inn is situated in the White Mountain on 15 acres of land. The rooms have also some Christmas-y names.

The breakfast serves through out the day which is a good thing for people who love to have some breakfast late. One can also visit a spa. This is both relaxing and amazing. The people who are local love to visit this hotel. They can enjoy craft beers, cocktails and just hang-out. There is a Santa Village in the hotel. The families can enjoy this village which is full of festivity of Christmas.

One might think the start of this inn. The main building of this inn was built in 1700 and it was a farmhouse in the beginning. Later, this was used as a jail in 1800. In 1883, this was converted into an inn. It survived the Great Depression and later it was sold to a man. He gave it to his daughter as a Chirstmas present. This was renamed by the daughter as Christmas Farm. After this it got sold to a couple and they started to preserve the history of the place and renamed it to Christmas Farm In.

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