This great Dane gives birth to a litter of 19 puppies

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Last time we had compiled a list which showed how awesome great Danes are! And this is true when it comes to these amazing dogs which most people vye to keep as pets. Dog is always thought as a man’s best friend and this is because of the loyalty which it offers. Recently, one great Dane went viral after it gave birth to a litter of 19 puppies. People just felt happy to look at the pictures of those 19 puppies, moving around in all their glory along with their mama pup. The perfect pictures of these puppies were shared by Kingman Animal Hospital in Kingman, Arizona. They shared the snaps of the new mother Cleo along with her 19 puppies which appeared to be quite cute. These pictures were taken as the mother recovered from her surgery.

These puppies can be seen in the picture below and in case someone wants to view all these pictures then he can follow this Facebook link. The post received around 1.6k likes, 1k comments and around 5.4k shares which is pretty sweet, people responding to this cute thing. The doctors were quite worried during the surgery because they were expecting that the life of the mother dog was in danger. They went ahead carefully and in the end a team of seven technicians were able to save the life of the mother along with her family. The hospital staff claims that the doctors were so competent that the delivery went ahead without any trouble.

The staff of KAH (11 of us) successfully delivered 19 Great Dane puppies this morning by C Section! All live and healthy! Mom doing great! wrote the hospital on Facebook

The hospital also thanked the people for their kind words regarding the newborns and congratulated the mother dog for giving birth to 19 puppies. Some people might be wondering if 19 puppies is a good record, but it’s worth mentioning that earlier a Neapolitan mastiff had given birth to 24 puppies. However, they didn’t all survive. One person felicitated the owners of the Great Dane and warned that they might not be able to sleep for an entire month.

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