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This girl attempts to eat world’s smelliest fish, ends horribly

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Everyone loves to eat fish because it’s rich in vitamins and it’s good for health. Sometimes back in the history when people used to be gatherers, they preferred to live along the bank of the rivers. The reason they preferred to live along the banks was to get fish for sake of their food requirements.

Agriculture was not much in fashion back in the days. The world had now advanced agricultural methods which help in the sustained production of food and crops.

History is something which helps people get a perspective. Everyone should have another piece of general knowledge, there is a fish which is termed the world’s stinkiest fish. This title is given by its consumers and there is a solid reason behind it. The fish stinks so much that one can barely eat it cooked.

The smelly Surstr√∂mming is world famous for its odor. It’s also called the Swedish sour herring. It’s the product of the Bering Sea. Geographically speaking, this can be found in the Scandinavian countries. It’s counted among the world’s stinkiest dishes. This fish is fermented and marinated in its own bacteria for many days, most usually for months. This process results in an odor so strong that hardly any person can eat it. Almost everyone can throw up right after opening the can of this fermented fish.

The status of the world’s stinkiest food didn’t scare these three friends who decided to try and eat Swedish Sour Herring. People who open the can of this fermented fish are advised to do so under the water to avoid its odor. These adventurous friends Nick F, Simon C, and K-Lee G tried this fish. K-Lee G bravely stepped up to give an attempt to the challenge.

The video has been uploaded by the Unilad fan page on Facebook. The ordeal through which she went through seems to be huge. She tried the fish first time and she almost threw up several times during its consumption.

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