This flat-earther concerns before flying to Australia are going viral on internet

Everyone because of our articles believes that flat-earthers do exist. The people belonging to this group posit that the earth is flat. They have a belief that the world-leading research agencies do not present the correct information while talking about the earth. This seems to be a ridiculous idea but in old times the people had no idea about the roundness or elliptical nature of the earth which brings in different seasons. These different seasons are then a cause of food availability as a result of farming activities.

There are different groups of flat earth hypothesis on Facebook. The freedom of expression allows these people to exist and posit their beliefs. This guy posted on Facebook his concerns before travelling to Australia. He fears that his flight might cause him to drift off the edge of the world.

The post appeared in a Facebook Group!

The post in the group read: “I feel like the only one that knows the truth and so I can’t speak to family/friends about this without being ridiculed.”

Someone shared the post on Reddit. The community thinks that the guy was actually trolling others in the group. (Looks like, he has a lot of time to waste on such things! Urghh)

Yeah, I think he’s making fun of flat earthers here. The fact that he had to introduce himself as such at the beginning of his post tells me that he’s a stranger to the group and not a regular. Probably just poking fun at the inconsistencies of their absurd worldview. Discview. Whatever.” – wrote shoe_owner in the comments of the post.

The post has already gotten 10 thousand upvotes and hundreds of comments. The identity of the guy who made the post in the group cannot be shared. Remember the rocket man who decided to set himself off to the space for proving the flatness of the earth, “Well, he failed“.

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