This cute lil’ pup responds to Harry Potter spells & that makes it best Hogwarts student

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Dogs are called as the best friend of the humans. This is because they offer good love and care as a pet. Many people who live alone decided to keep a dog as a company. This one guy went a step ahead and even kept a dog as its coworker. He gives awards to his dog and names him employee of the month. However, this time another thing is added to the expertise of the dog. a dog responding to the spells of the Harry Potter. This makes him a good student of the Hogwarts school. Everyone must be familiar with the Harry Potter and his love/hate relationship with Voldemort. If someone a hasn’t watched the movie then he must have read the novel books. Harry Potter is quite famous and every millennial as a kid has read him, watched him and adored him.

Dog video goes viral, it responds to magic spells

The video of this dog responding to the spells of Harry Potter has gone viral. The internet loved the way lil’ pup responded to the spells of the Hogwarts school in the perfect way. Watch the video, as uploaded by Unilad.

People just loved the reactions of the puppy as the owner performed various spells using the magic wand. The performance of the dog on these spells is so real that it all seems magical and perfect. The video was shared by Los Angeles-based actor and the YouTube Anna Brisbin. The dog featured in the video is named Remus. This video can be found on the YouTube channel Brizzy Voices. This has taken the internet by storm, almost everyone enjoyed the video.

The books of JK Rowling have earned worldwide fame and she got famous after writing the Harry Potter series. A lot of fans love books more than the movie series.

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