This 8yo girl has prosthetic legs made from sardine tins by her father

A video has surfaced from a displacement camp in Syria which is utterly heartbreaking; it shows an underprivileged girl with makeshift prosthetic legs, made with tin cans. Maya Ali Merhi, 8, was born without legs due to a rare condition known as congenital amputation, a disease whose cause is still unknown.

The Syrian refugee crisis

The Syrian refugee crisis has left many people without means to be able to cover their needs. Not all of these people were poor before, but the sudden shift in geopolitical atmosphere has pushed them out of their habitat. Maya Ali and her father are among such people, now Maya’s father is unable to afford prosthetics for her daughter. There are many others like them who are struggling for basic things such as food and water.

Maya’s Story – Heart Breaking and Murky!

Maya’s father, Mohammed’s inability to afford a proper prosthetics did not stop him from finding another way around to help her daughter. Her father came up with idea and filled cans with cotton and pieces of cloth that allowed her daughter to walk. The video of the father and the daughter has gone viral on the internet in which the father explains how he made her daughter walk. He said: ‘I mounted some plastic on two tins of sardines with which she can go to school with. My heart suffers when I see her crawling in front of friends, while they play and run. It’s hard but those are better than nothing.’

The father also need prosthetics, he fled along with his family from Aleppo to escape the terror and took refuge in a displacement camp in Idlib. Idlib is a strong hold of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, a group seen as an enemy by the Syrian government and Russia.

Mohammed told that despite the hardship he is cherishing the peaceful life at the camp. According to a report compiled by Syria Appeal, about 13.1 million people are facing a humanitarian crisis and what is even more shocking is 5 million of them are children; only three million are living in displacement camp.

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