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Thief Empties Bank Account of 112yo WWII Veteran

Utterly disgusting, some one has been taking cash out of the oldest World War 2 veteran and has left the account completely empty.

Richard Overton, 112, is the oldest living World War 2 veteran, his family says that the thieves got hold of personal information such as his social security number and bank details. They used the information they had to slowly convert the money into bonds and then cut the account dry.

Upset and just wondering who could do something to Richard like this,” saddened Volma Overton said, Richard’s cousin. “What happened to the rest of the money?

According to Richard’s cousin he went to deposit money into the vet’s account and he became suspicious once he saw the only amount that was being displayed in his account was the amount he just deposited.

After filing a formal complaint the bank told Overton that Treasury Direct withdrew money on four separate occasions. Which was followed by a proper investigation, after that he found out that someone used Richard’s social security number and further personal banking information to create Treasury Direct account for the sake of purchasing bonds.

He’s going to be upset,” said Martin Wilford, who is a close family friend. “We are trying to keep him in his home through all types of fundraisers, and someone could just take from him? You’re going to do that to him? Shame on you.

Richard Overton is the oldest World War 2 veteran who has seen the horror of War first hand, he is supported by online fundraiser called GoFundMe.

Austin Police Department was contacted for a comment and they confirmed that they are working closely with the vet’s family to solve the matter. “Hopefully justice will be done,” Overton said. The bank has also contacted Treasury Direct to identify the culprit, so that he or she can be prosecuted.

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