These smart dresses for woman record the ‘Touch Points’ to account for the cases of women harassment

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Smart dresses for women have been produced which record the number of touches which someone makes on its surface. This data would be used to find out the inappropriate behavior of men which they ensue against the women. Obviously the touch points data would be tantamount to someone touching the body of the female. Since, all kinds of touches can be recorded thus the first data would be collected when women are present in the clubs.

There is one thing which is worth mentioning in this regard, often people don’t care about the acceptance of the other person. They don’t take no for an answer, this creates some perception in the society. Tolerance in a society means that anyone can take no for an answer. There should be nothing personal about it. There are many cases in which women often turn down a guy but instead of taking it positively he just takes it out in anger.

Thus, keeping in view the above discussion, as attraction of the opposite gender exists, a company developed a smart dress to account for the incidents when a person touches a woman at a public place. This project was started to bring the attention of the world towards those cases in which women can’t do anything. These were called as unwanted touches.

A video of the results which were obtained from this smart dress has been shared on the YouTube by Ogilvy. This is the same company behind this experiment.

This is a good experiment as this would encourage those who don’t want to be touched in a particular manner in a public place as this would release the data necessary for condemning such an activity. The first purpose of information is to get public backing thus this is disseminated using newspapers and print media. Once this is accepted as a universal problem then legislation is made to prevent it from happening in the future.

These dresses have sensors which are sewn in the material. These sensors record touch and pressure. These sensors then send this information to the computer using the Wi-Fi. Three women were involved in this experiment. The experiment showed that despite walking away from the men in the club and telling the to stop, the women were touched inappropriately around 157 times. This was the result of one night.

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