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These schoolboys grabbed suicidal man and refused to let him JUMP OFF a bridge

There is always negativity around but it is accompanied by the positivity as well. Sadly, the positivity mostly gets left out. Once a while, we need to focus on what good is happening instead of all the bad things that are happening.

Three very young schoolchildren who are 12,13 and 14 years old, heroically saved a man’s life who was about to commit suicide by hanging himself. He had a rope around his neck and was prepared to jump off a bridge.

The young boys were coming back from the school at the time of this suicide attempt. They bravely stepped forward and saved the man’s life as he was standing on the edge of the bridge. The bridge is called A10 overpass located in Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire. This event took place on September 21st of 2017.

Two of the friends Devonte Cafferkey who is 13 years old and Sammy Farah who is 14 years old grabbed the man and used all in their power to make him not jump. The third one was Shawn Young, who was on 12 at the time went to call for help so that the guy could be saved.

These boys are no doubt the heroes because they saved a life, which is far more of an achievement than most of the people can achieve in their whole lives. For such bravery, they are set to be presented with national awards.

The boys were also on a show called “This Morning”, Devonte Cafferkey told the host, ‘Yeah we were the first to arrive. We were persuading him not to jump. He was crying and wiping his eyes. We said, “You’ve got family and stuff, it’s not worth it”.’

There were two other persons that came in response to the help, one is named Joanne Stammers who is 47 years old and a man named “James Higlett”. All of them will receive the awards from the Royal Humane Society.

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