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These people are looking for hope in Mia Khalifa during Iraqis Protests

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The world can be a weird place for some people while it can also be a good place for the others. It depends on the type of view which anyone can draw keeping in view his experience. Hence, intelligent people know that everyone has a different life and there can exist a difference of opinion, thus they don’t enforce their lifestyle onto others. Now, look at these Iraqis holding the Mia Khalifa’s poster in the war-torn country. In 2003, America invaded Iraq and the reason for this attack, which was mentioned in UNO, was blamed on the WMD’s of Iraq. It was said with proofs of satellite images that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction which a few years later was accepted as a mistake by the American side.

The power vacuum in Iraq grew when Americans started withdrawing their control. Power infiltrates any void and thus different pressure groups started to earn their own prominence in Iraq. They wanted to gain more power. Iraq has become a hodgepodge of corruption and bad governance.

People who got angry at the political turmoil and the failure of politicians have come on the roads. They are fed up with the Iranian interventions. Thus, they carried a picture and compared their politicians with the world famous Mia Khalifa. One protestor mockingly said that there is no Iraqi politician who is more honourable than her. He wanted to tell that there is no Iraqi politician who may want the good of common people.

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Another guy said that he found Mia more helpful to his needs than the Iraqi politicians. He added that the presence of Mia gave him comfort but the presence of Iraqi politicians was a mere pain. They failed to provide him with the minimum standards of living. The people who protested against the government were angry because they couldn’t get the basic necessities of life like electricity, sanitation and education.

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