These leopard species were extinct for 3 decades, but got spotted in Taiwan, recently

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Animals are an important part of our ecosystem as they play quite a lot of vital role in various natural activities. They categorically play a strong role in the overall ecosystem of life on the planet. Therefore, preserving them is also a good and important thing which lies on the humans both for ethical and moral reasons. However, most animals are going extinct because of the trophy hunting activities and because weak states give a license to the rich foreigners to use their land is hunting clubs. Afterall, in the end this is all about economy and money. There is a good news amongst all these bad news, a leopard species was found to be extinct for the past 3 decades and recently it got spotted in Taiwan.

The rangers from a village in Taiwan were exploring the neighbouring woods and suddenly they came across a unique leopard species. They believed the species to be Formosan clouded leopard. This leopard was found to be hunting goats on a cliff in Taitun County’s Darne Township and the rangers spotted the big cat. However, officially the sightings have not been confirmed. The official news source of Taiwan has confirmed that a team of rangers has been deployed to find the leopard, since last summers. They are hopeful that leopard is somewhere in the same area. The team designated by the President of the Association of the Austronesian Community College Development Association and village chief of the Paiwan Tribe has been attempting to find the leopard. They have even petrolled the traditional areas in hopes of finding the leopard.

It has been months and two different teams of rangers have confirmed that they have spotted the same leopard. The local people call this leopard as Li’ uljaw In an interview with CNA the village conference chairman has said that the rangers have spotted the leopard however he said that he wouldn’t disclose the exact location and timings of the spottings. One ranger who was interviewed said that he spotted the tiger climbing the tree before running towards the hill in search for the goats. The community leaders are giving aids for the team to find these leopards. They are concerned if the news gets out then the life of these leopards would be in danger.

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