These ‘Half Christmas Trees’ are available for people with naughty cats

Christmas is near and it is important for those who wait for it the entire year just to see a family reunion. People normally design their house well for the christmas eve and they buy christmas trees to mark the importance of this day. Decorating house for the event of christmas is one tough job which requires patience and hardwork. Kids are quite excited for this holiday because they get to meet their Santa.

Fairy lights, christmas tree and gifts are an integral part of this event. Normally people spend a lot of time trying to decorate the christmas tree. They fear that it might not be a failed attempt just because of their pet. Often cats and dogs love to play with this glowing christmas tree which has lights installed. 

Argos is selling this half Christmas tree for this purpose of pets monkeying with the tree

Argos has come up with this amazing idea of selling Christmas trees which are half in nature. The sole purpose is to keep those pets away which might monkey with your favourite Christmas object. This tree is designed to be 6 feet in height and is only half as much as tree as the branches start from the middle. It has a half parasol.

The product description is plane amazing. It reads that this 6ft parasol tree is going to keep those crawling kids and cats out of the reach. This means better protection. This is also a good alternative to the traditional tree if there is lesser space for the tree in house. This can be termed as a minimal idea.

Things look beautiful with the surrounding if they match well or blend well into it. This tree is made from PVC and can be built into tree form with ease. This can be bought for £33.33 on Argos. Those who have pets which cause trouble and think this can help must get this for saving the day.

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