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These five people thought that earth just turned 2019

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Internet is quite a wonderful place, you name something and one can find it on the internet with ease. This is a kind of place which specializes in instant information. The search engines are smart and one can find any sort of content using internet in real time. However, the advent of internet hasn’t made people smart. The information is present at the finger tips but there are people who believe that the earth turned 2019 years old. The readers of this compilation can merely make a guess if these people are joking or they are actually being serious about their discovery.

This guy not only declared the age of the earth but he also feels happy that his one of the favourite planets has turned one year older. He wishes a happy birthday to earth in all his happiness.

She is crazy to think that the earth has finally turned 2019. Little did she know that this might serve as a mix plater of laughter and happiness. Well done Nina! you are good at fooling people around. Or may be this is other way around?

This guy has shared a birthday message for the earth. He has successfully used some emojis to describe his happiness about the earth. He is quite satisfied to learn that the earth is merely 2019 years old, more years to live ehh?

This guy feels happy that the age of earth is going to be 2019 years old and that too within a couple of minutes. He has even found a philosophical salvation from the age of the earth.

There were plenty of other tweet on Twitter which were made to celebrate the 2019 years of world. Now, what is the real age of the earth? That doesn’t need explanation. Scientists have computed the age of earth fo be around 4.543 billion years and that is also an anticipation it can be even many more years old.

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