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These boys made massive slip and slide themselves to celebrate summers

Boredom breeds innovation and this cannot be any more truthful than in this case. These guys built a huge slip and slide to celebrate the arrival of summer. Summer is a blessing for most of the people because it gives us the chance to do the activities that cannot be done in the cold winters. There is a sudden joy when winter comes and the sun starts shining bright. I remember myself as a kid, I use to hate winter. The main reason was that there was no joy was that I was pretty much stuck inside my house and there were no activities that were fun during that particular period of time. But whenever there used to be summer, it was like a proper jackpot for me. But what these guys did to celebrate the arrival of such an awesome weather is beyond amazing. They took their time to do something that is utterly fascinating. Apparently, this project was undertaken by few undergrad engineers and they say that they did this to fully cherish the month of summer.

These guys cherished summer by building a custom made slip and slide:

The video of the whole construction and then the finished product went viral on the internet. It also appeared on several news shows due to its uniqueness. People rushed to social media to share their thoughts on the project. They can be seen cutting down woods to make the track for the slip and slide. The car’s engine was used as a power generator to use the slide as powered slip and slide. The rope was tied to the car’s axle to tie and untie it with rotation. The lengthening and stretching of the rope gave movement to the entire slip journey, as shown below – launching themselves with rope:

The good thing was that they created something having a longer span of fun. The slide was not that small as it seems in the above image. To get a grasp of its length, one should have a look at this aerial shot. This aerial shot shows the hard work of the boys who made this slide.

Watch the video showing construction and function of the “Slip and Slide”:

The video has been hosted by Facebook and DailyMail has uploaded it on their own Page.

General comments left by the video watchers:

Most of the people who left comments on the viral video thought that the slip and slide contained a lot of hazards. They were more concerned about the safety.

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One wrote: ‘All fun and games until someone breaks a neck or back without regulators approving this. You can’t sue because it was your risk.’

Another wrote: ‘The film shows people apparently not being pulled down by the improvised car tow, yet never any scenes of them ending up in the water – by the looks of it this is because you wouldn’t have enough speed or because the join is very dodgy. Great until someone lands very awkwardly and manages to seriously injure themselves, so I’ll just watch thanks (which seems to be what most of the sensible ladies are doing in the video)!’

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