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These 10 mom memes are going to make everyone laugh out loud

Written by Logical Men

Motherhood is definitely something which requires a lot of hard work and acumen. A good mother knows the requirements of her kid and thus she works accordingly to make things perfect. It’s said that the first classroom for the kid is his own mother. The things which the kid learns as a kid is the nurture which plays quite an important role in his nature building for the upcoming years. A good mother can actually produce quite a number of good children. However, mothers also have their moments. Sometimes they lose their tamper because of the responsibilities which are given to them. To er is to human and these memes actually show the same.

This is a dank meme. It shows a mother texting another mother that she was done with his kid just because she had lost it. Resultantly she decided to give away her kid, the other mother with her instinct twisted it into a hilarious situation.

This is something which most kids do, tell them something and they start to act opposite to the given instructions. This meme is quite hilarious because it represents this one situation in quite a funny manner.

Look at the face of poor Rihanna, the captions states a good fact. No matter how much fabulous a mother is going to look, she is definitely going to be a snack holder for her kid. This is the kind of love which a mother has for her kid.

Taking kids for a shopping spree and then later making them go back home, can become a challenging act. Kids understand their parents and they do know their limits, thus often they like to bring them to their full potential for policing.

Kids often love to threaten their parents about eating food. Ignore their demand or two and they start yelling and ignoring the food. However, this doesn’t happen for the entire day, that happens for a short period of time and most parents give in.

This is so true, kids love to call their mother whenever they are in some sort of trouble. Apparently this is the only relation which actually listens to the kids and starts attempting to complete their wishes. This meme depicts the struggle in a nifty manner.

This meme is just perfect, it shows that the struggle is quite clear. Someone doesn’t need to be a mother to understand this meme. The Rihanna walking on a close to edge situation with her pencil wheel gives a witty meme for motherhood.

Attempting to get a good picture of the kids is a hard task. Not many parents succeed in this one just because the kids are never ready to pose for a good picture. They mostly love to run here and there without getting into the camera lens.

A similar question for the mother who has twins as a her kids. This is quite a common question and one doesn’t need to be a mother of the twins to understand this meme.

This happens quite a lot in every house. The kids take up quite a lot of space in the bed and believe that their parents are going to have sufficient space. This Titanic scene depicts this situation very well, hence made into a meme.

You decide which situation is the best meme for you as a parent and let us know in the comments.

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