The Use of Rap Music is Not Allowed in Preaching, “Rapping Priest Suspended”

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A Catholic priest has been fired by a Church in Kenya for using raping in his religious sermons.

On a very usual Sunday at the St. Monica Catholic Church which is located in south west Kenya, Father Ogalo was filled in his usual church vestments for morning mass.

Later that day, he would wear shorts, a long t-shirt and tie a red bandana tied around his head, raping into his mic for giving an entertainment to the masses, but for preaching.

But his unique way of preaching has made Catholic Church heads angry.
Father Ogalo claims that he was merely trying to “bring the youth closer to the church,“ in an interview he has given to a local media outlet.

He is famously known as ‘Father Masaa,’ Ogalo has been saying rythemic rhymes as a means to attract the youth, especially to stop the ever going drug abuse among the new generation.

Father Ogalo told that his method to convey the message was successful in bridging the generation gap.

I use the rap music to bring … youths to the church. Thereafter, I bring them to Christ

However, heads of the church disagreed. Talking to media outlet, Bishop Philip Anyolo, who is boss of Father Ogalo, he confirmed the priest has been fired from leading church activities.

Yes, the church has taken disciplinary measure against Father Ogalo. The use of rap music is not allowed in preaching,“ he told.

The priest has been given a one year break to look into his ways before coming back to the church.”

We have just barred him from preaching using rap music to allow him time to change his ways,“ Anyolo added.

The Rap-Father is allowed to worship, but is barred from leading the prayer. The firing has seen a massive backlash on the internet and many people came forward in support of the father.

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