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The stupid challenge has made teens dance out of moving cars

Written by Logical Men

Every now and then things emerge on the internet and people start doing that stupid stuff without thinking the consequences. Sometimes these challenges are funny and other times absolutely stupid. The internet has evolved a lot in recent years and anything getting done in far off places starts to spread like a wildfire, because of the increased connectivity of the world.

Recently, a new task has emerged online called “in my feelings” challenge. A lot of people are already doing the task and they are uploading their videos on the internet. A few people met stupid outcomes when they tried doing the challenge on the open road.

The goal involves people getting out of their vehicle and dancing along with it while the vehicle moves. The task is done on the open road and the participants dance along the moving car with an open door. Now, anything wrong can happen when something like this is done on a busy road.

The song at which the people are dancing is sung by the rapper Drake. The song has been taken out from his latest album Scorpion, and in this way, it’s obviously gaining momentum. Spain is one of the other countries where people were spotted doing the challenge. Obviously, during this challenge, a lot of people fell out of their car.

The police forces believe that such a foolish task will cause damage to someone in a serious fashion. These dancers on road not only become a hazard for the others but also for themselves. The challenge itself looks stupid as can be seen in the videos emerging online. One thing is needed to be understood, such tasks don’t yield anything productive. Instead, these challenges get the precious time wasted.

The entertainment seems pointless. Drake can’t be blamed for such a trend.

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