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The Simpsons will spoof Strange Things in Treehouse of Horror this Halloween

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Simpsons is believed to bring another adventurous episode which would feature Strange Things this Halloween. The fans are already excited after learning about the teasers which Simpsons has released to give a possible hint regarding the Strange Things inclusion in the Simpsons. The poster released by the Fox takes aim at the popular Netflix series Stranger Things. The episode would become the 666th episode of the series.

According to the tvweb, other characters which are included in the poster depict Chief Wiggum as Jim Hopper and Bart, Nelson, and Martin as Mike, Dustin, and Lucas.

Another amazing thing in the released poster is the award-winning movie The Shape of Water.On the top of the artwork, Selma Bouvier and Kang can be seen posing in a similar manner in which Sally Hawkins and the Amphibian Man was seen on the poster of The Shape of Water. The fans who are watching Simpsons since long might know the Selma has a penchant for marrying various characters from the series.

This isn’t the first time Simpsons has plunged into something like spoofing a series. The Simpsons is already well known for spoofing horror series. A Nightmare on Elm Street was also spoofed by the Simpsons in the past. Freddy Krueger was replaced with Groundskeeper Willie.

Stranger Things has entered into its third season and the show is already a big hit in the fans. The show was first released in 2016 and since then it’s getting popular. Fans are excited on how The Simpsons would tackle the show in its episode on the Halloween day. It would be an episode worth watching and the fans are having their fingers crossed.

The Simpsons, featuring Stranger things!

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