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“The Sandlot” is Returning to Theaters for its 25th Anniversay

Classic The Sandlot

It’s been a two and a half decade since the infamous Benny ‘The Jet’ Rodriguez and the lot rocked baseball on the cinema screen, it showed us that growing old can be a painful experience but if one is blessed with friends that can be trusted, everything falls into it’s place.

If you are lucky enough to be ’90s child, you’re likely to have quoted the movie numerous time

A Comeback To The Big Screen

It a huge news for the 90s that this amazing movie is coming back to the big screen — and act fast — because this amazing movie is returning on big screen to put a huge smile on our face for two days: July 22 and 24.

So buckle up to re-live one of the greatest childhood memories. This is, in fact, one of those movies that almost every single person can relate to.

The acting crew got together on a TV show, where they talked about the past memories and how the movie has changed their lives. Patrick Renna, a star from the movie named ‘Ham’ Porter, posted a picture of the group reunited. It is a strange feeling, seeing all of them all grown up.

Just as the famous quote in the film goes — “Heroes get remembered, but legends never die” — all of these guys are exactly the true legends when talking about their ‘The Sandlot’ fame. During the group interview with the TV show an actor named York told how even to this day, he is unable :walk through a Las Vegas casino without someone yelling, ‘Yeah-Yeah!’’ And truth to be told, who would not exactly do just that? 

All the actors have took group photos on 25 years milestone that shaped their lives. The group is on the move through football stadiums and they are making many appearances along the line.

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