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The reactions of John Wick: Chapter 3, post-screening, call it a solid movie

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Keanu Reeves is going to become a hit for the third time after his famous franchise movie John Wick: Chapter 3 gets released. This claim is being made after the critics gave solid reviews about the upcoming movie. The previous movies of this franchise were also well received by the critics. Keanu Reeves has a good history of providing good action thrillers to the audience. The stunning cinematography and Reeves’ performance has been liked by many critics and some even are calling it as a return to form.

After several screenings of the third part of the movie, the critics are sharing their views on the social media. Because of the huge following of the movie, we decided to share those views with our audience so that they may be able to chose their favourite film for watching in cinema hall. Brent Goldman fromĀ Film Inquiry gave some pretty positive views about the sequel. He called it as the best John Wick’s movie so far. The guy said that this third sequel packed the best action so far. Further, he added that this new sequel gave a new meaning and depth to the John Wick’s universe.

Josh Tapia fromĀ Screen Junkies also agreed to the views of Brent Goldman. He said that he was quite lucky to get a chance to view the screening of the John Wick’s sequel. He called this sequel to be pretty awesome and in addition to that he credited the sequel with the best action movie so far.

Mike Rougeau from IGN Movies said that the addition of the side characters in the movie was quite amazing an experience. He added that the movie had one of the coolest actions and memorable side characters.

These reviews raise the expectations of the fans.

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