The other side of story show truth behind MAGA hat wearing students’ video

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A day back, a video had started to circulate the internet which was about a Native American and some MAGA hat wearing students. However the other side of the story also needs to be published as revealed by the students. Different videos were filmed during the Indigenous People March. One video went viral showing a teenager wearing Make America Great Again Hat and chanting slogans while not giving way to the Native American. This Native American war veteran was playing drums and chanting his slogans.

There was another video which showed that the students were attending an anti-abortion rally. This coincided the Indigenous People March. These students later ran into some other activists. Kaya who had filmed the incident showed Nathan (the veteran) being blocked by the teenagers. However, there was another group which had been preaching bible. According to Kaya, Nathan had moved through the crowd in order to mitigate an altercation between the group preaching bible and those students who were rallying anti-abortion agenda. According to Kaya,

This one kid just refused to move and he just got in Nathan’s face. They just surrounded him and they were mocking him and mocking the chant. We really didn’t know what was going to happen there.

Nathan in the other video claimed that those students were asking him to build the wall.

It appeared Nathan being mocked, but other video contradicts

Another video was released online which contradicts the first narrative. The video shows that these MAGA hat wearing students from Covington High School were first mocked by those Hebrew Israelites who had been preaching Jesus. Then they started to taunt these Covington High School students, and they started using vilgar language. Nick Sandmann, the teen in the viral video sought permission from the chaperon to allow him chant the school spirit songs. He wanted to drown the insults made by those who were preaching religion. Therefore, he along with his other teenager classmates wearing MAGA hats started to chant their slogans in order to numb down the other group, which were shouting slurs and bad language.

Nick also claimed that he hadn’t approached Nathan, instead Nathan had approached their group as they were busy handling that other group which was shouting at their school group.

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