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The man on the left went to 7 world cups & his son responded to his legacy

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If you are a football fan and have seen the historic match that was played between Germany and Brazil in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, then you must be familiar with the Brazilian superfan named Clovis Fernandes.

He was the only man that the cameramen were showing on screen, his expressions were so pure, it is sad even to remember that time. He witnessed seven world cups firsthand, but that was his last World Cup, he died the following year.

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After the historic match, he sort of became an internet sensation and was being called The Saddest Man in Brazil. Despite being devastated in that game’s result he actually proved to be a strong and honorable man. Later that day, another image of him emerged on the internet with another football fan named Gaucho da Copa, who is a German fan. According to a report he said: “Take it to the final! As you can see, it is not easy, but you deserve it, congratulations!

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She politely refused to accept the trophy, but he kept insisting and eventually the german fan accepted the trophy. However, she later tracked the Brazilian superfan down and returned the trophy with a big thank you and said that his trophy actually brought luck to her team because Germany won the world cup that year.

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His death was announced by Hospital Santa Casa in Porto Alegre. He was such a huge fan of football, that he left his job at a pizza shop with the permission of his wife to follow his team around the planet. He lived a peaceful life and died at the of 60 after he lost the long fought battle against cancer.


It is an emotional moment that revived the old moments of the above mentioned World Cup, his kid carried on his legacy this year. An image of his son has gone viral on the internet in which he can be seen appearing to be honoring his father by filling his shoes.

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