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The Hot Water Challenge is Darwin’s New Way of Selecting the Best

Written by Logical Men

Different challenges appear on the internet and people adopt them to show their strength to the friends. According to some news sources, a new task has been added to the list. Yes, there is this hot water task which is making appearances on the internet. Imagine the degree of loss which anyone can endure if he comes in contact with hot water.

This task includes either throwing off a portion of water on your own self or on someone else. This may also include drinking hot water through a straw. Now, kids are getting hurt because of this stupid challenge.

A teen from Indiana has already spent a week in the hospital after going through the task. One of his friends dumped hot water on the teen which gave him major injuries. That friend was consuming hot water videos on youtube and he thought to try out of pure fun. Kyland Clark, a 15yo kid, was severely damaged because of his friend’s stupid prank.

The practical pranks of this nature should be seriously avoided.

Avoid doing such pranks, these won’t make anyone brave or genius. The real bravery is to live the life by rules and avoid doing stupid things as a shortcut to attain stupid fame. A brave person doesn’t find an escape instead he uses all his will to fight the odds.

Fox 59 covered the news and interviewed Clark. Clark’s mother Andrea was miffed when she learned about the injuries of his kid. Even in Florida, a girl met a challenge of similar nature and she couldn’t resist her life to it, she left the world leaving everyone in wonder.

The YouTube videos of this nature must be taken down because there is no wisdom in thinking about harming others or on own self. This is entirely stupid, imagine harming anyone for sake of pleasure, a person who harms someone for sake of pleasure is the weakest of all.

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