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The difference between male and female Avengers poster in terms of beauty-stereotypes causes backlash

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The internet is a place which is full of differences, and this is the most beautiful thing about the internet. It also bridges the gap between these distinctions of different cultures, through the social media. As people from all around the globe come together on the social media and they collaborate with each others in different updates and matters of lives. This collaboration comes in the form of comments made on social media. Therefore, the internet has contributed a lot in making this world a global village. Today, a person can sent message to someone within seconds, without worrying that his message might take days before reaching. The internet was fast enough to track some differences in the posters which were made for the Avengers movie promotion.

When the fans were waiting for the new Avengers, meanwhile the movie makers were busy in releasing the posters of the cast. These posters were of both male and female lead. However, this promotional artwork and posters have stirred the emotions of the people who use internet. They have witnessed that the females were shown in more beautified manner, as their wrinkles and every ups and down on the faces were removed possibly using airbrush technology. On the other hand, the males were shown with their wrinkles and ups and downs on the face. There were 32 posters revealed, all made for the promotional purpose. The fans noticed that the requirement of the job of poster making was different for the females while it was different in the case of males.

This particular difference in the use of air brush was spotted by a San Francisco-based journalist named Katie Antoniou, as the posters read Avenge the Fallen. Antoniou noticed that posters of female actors were more airbrushed as compared to the males. The beauty standards are high for females but it wasn’t a fair move by a popular movie studio to carry on the beauty stereotypes which women often carry down by applying makeup bases.

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