Thai dad offers €275,000 to man ready to marry her youngest daughter along with his entire estate

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Marriage is not an easy decision, a lot of people take this decision after having a detailed thought about their partner-to-be. They try to meet him in person in order to know their habits and likelihood of getting a higher success rate during the married life. Therefore, it’s a decision which is taken after considerable thought. Look at this Thai Dad, he is offering €275,000 to the man who might be ready to marry his youngest daughter. Along with this money, he is also offering his entire estate. The fruit farm tycoon, Arnon Rodthong is the 58yo man who wants to find a potential groom for his daughter. As soon as he published this offer, he started to go viral along with his daughter.

The 26yo daughter of this man, Karnsita is single and the dad wants to arrange her marriage. He has become frustrated that his youngest daughter has not yet found her partner of life. The dad is also offering the potential husband a share in family business in Chumphon province. This is quite a lucrative offer for the bachelors all around the globe. The offer includes a package of 10 million Thai Baht.

The dad is willing to give all his assets to his daughter Karnsita

The dad is going to select the possible candidate for her daughter using a competition. The winner will obviously win his daughter. According to buzz hundreds of men have already applied for his daughter. In some parts of Thailand, men are required to give dowry to the future wife however, Rodthong is giving more relaxation to the winner by saying that he won’t require to give dowry. The dad has also not asked for any specific nationality for the potential candidate. However, he is looking forward to certain qualities in the future son-in-law.

I want someone to take care of my business and make it last. I don’t want a person with a bachelor’s, or master’s or philosopher’s degree. I want a diligent man … I just want someone with a hard-working attitude. That’s all. (said the dad by talking about the qualities which he looks in his son-in-law)

The dad said that his daughter is virgin and speaks fluent English and Chinese language. The daughter said that she was overwhelmed to know and realize that her dad loved her so much. She said that at first she couldn’t believe that something like this had happened, however later she called it a funny thing. She said that she doesn’t want much from her future husband however he should be hard working and diligent. She further added that she would require him to accompany her to social events for snapping selfies.

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