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Texas mom leaves her kids in hot car to teach ‘Lesson’, arrested on suspicion of murdering her children

Police have recently arrested a mother of two who allegedly left her kids in the hot car in May as a punishment.

The two children were found dead in the car. One was a 2-year-old girl and the other one was a 16-month-old boy.The children were identified as Juliet and Cavanaugh Ramirez after this happened. Parker County’s Sherrif told CNN the statement of mother that the children were playing in the backyard of the house, after that they went missing. Soon after some time, she tried to find them and then they were found playing inside the car.

According to the investigators, the mother tried to get them out of the car. But instead, the children were insistent on remaining inside. The mother, as a result, got angry and locked them in the car. She thought that her daughter could unlock the car and set herself along with her brother, free.

The two kids

In the police statement, she admitted going back to the house, smoking marijuana and then falling asleep. Before investigators came up with the real story, the mother, Randolph, told investigators that the children disappeared from an enclosed porch. She was folding laundry, and then somehow the children managed to lock them inside the car.

After some days her statement changed, it looked like she was lying which made some minor points in her statement kept on changing. At some point, she even admitted that she had broken the window of her car just to prove it as an accident.

Cynthia Marie Randolph, 25 -year-old

No bond has been set for Randolph at the moment and she is in jail currently.

The car in which kids were found dead is as follows, being taken for investigation.

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