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Tennessee man gets $14M bond after daring judge to raise his bond and calling him names

Written by Wamiq Ali

A man from Tennessee gets a $14M bond by Cheatham County judge after daring him to raise his bond. This Thursday, in the court, Charles Nichols was continuously trying to test the judge’s patience. He was charged with sexual molestation involving a minor and was presented to the court before Judge Phillip Maxie. Sources conclude that judge gave him a $50k bond but Nichols stood up and told the judge to “Fuc- Off“. Now, standing in a court, asking the judge to raise the bond is something which isn’t good for the future.

Due to his conduct, the judge told him to sit down and keep himself calm. After useless repeated warnings, the judge warned him that this particular behaviour might lead to his bond increment. Nichols reply was rather bizarre, he told the judge to give him a $1M bond and that he doesn’t care for what comes next. So, the judge listened to him and gave a $14M bond instead.

Sources say, that Nichols, later on, kept asking the judge to increase the bond further. Nichols is also accused of his girlfriend death.

Seems like pretty much of a story, a heroic man standing in the court and asking for bond increment. Looks like he doesn’t want to concentrate on the shortcomings of his decision and this is what he actually wanted after repeatedly provoking the judge and daring him to raise the bond further.

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