10 Most Strange World War I Facts

A world war is specifically one which actually effects a lot of populated countries of the world. The world war 1 started and made a lot of harm to the common people. Today, we living in this modern age have a lot of safety tied with us but that wasn’t the case in those days. World War 1 (World War One) has a lot of weird facts tired with it, and I am going to share the most awkward world war 1 facts here:

The Most Amazing and Weird World War 1 Facts:

Following are the most weird world war 1 facts which are indeed shocking and most surprising. You’ll tend to read them again and will also be forced to share, since all of these facts are collected from world war 1 and are most weird.

1- A Fake Paris was Built to fool German Pilots in Word War 1:

In World War 1 a fake Paris was built to fool the German pilots. Railways and road were built and were lit in mid-night to make an impression of the real paris so that once any bomber may hit the paris i-e the fake one there may not happen any life loss, instead only fake buildings and railway lines may get hit.

1 Fake Paris - Word War 1 Facts

In the map you can see the fake paris, there are roads and railway lines which were built as it is shown on the map. Thus, this is one of the weird fact of world war 1 done by the France to fool the Germany.

2- Spring Tyres were used in Bicycles by Germany:

Due to some sort of lack in rubber Germany used tyres of springs in the bicycle. Due to the World War 1 , there wasn’t any rubber available later. But the Germans really loved to ride bicycle and for the same reason the manufacturing of bicycle tyres were done using springs, around the whole rim there were attached a lot of springs which allowed the bicycles riders to ride on dirty and bumpy roads. However, such tyres are surely weird. Have a look at spring tyres in the picture:

2 Spring Tyres of Bicycle

3- Some People Could See the Ultra Violet Light and were used in World War 1:

One of the most interesting world war 1 fact was the use of cataract patients as the ultra violet beacons detector. Cataract patients go through a lens implant surgery replacing the old lens with a new one, which sometimes makes them possible to watch the ultra violet light also, thus making a lot of things more brighter than they appear to us on a normal eye. See the below image, a person which had a cataract surgery will see that torch quite illuminated however a normal person will see that to be quite dull, i-e like the one shown in second image. Such abilities of cataract patient were used in world war 1.

3- Cataract patients used as UV detector World war 1 facts

You can see the difference between the normal vision and a vision which is sensitive to the UV light also, the same torch beam appears to be brighter once you will have the ultra violet light vision.

4- A Urinated Handkerchief as self defence:

This is another most weird world war 1 fact and is about to survive  a chemical attack. Canadians were the one who solely remained safe from this chemical attack and the way which they took to remain safe was indeed astonishing. They used urinated handkerchieves as a defence and placed them on their mouth. I know this is a bit yikes, but once you are left with the only option to survive on this planet earth then you follow that too!

4 Second Urinated Handkerchieves World War 1 Facts


5- Wounded Pigeon saved lives of more than 198 Army Men of USA (United States of America) in World War 1:

Cher Ami is one of the birds heroes known in the history of the America. During World War 1, some soldiers were stuck and the enemy had surrounded them, they had already sent a lot of pigeons to tell the US army about their position so that they may be rescued, but none of the pigeon survived. Atlast there was only one pigeon left and the name o that pigeon was Cher Ami. The trapped soldiers sent that to the sky, the enemy fired bursts of bullets and the bird got injured. But that bird was brave enough to keep trying until he flew quite higher to get caught by the bullets. Finally, he delivered the message to the US army which were actually bombarding the same place which had their own soldiers trapped in, thus the lived of 198 soldiers were saved because of one bird.

5 Cher Ami the Pigeon used in World war 1

6- Hitler had a full sized Moustache but later that Got Trimmed Down:

Hitler was also used to be with full moustache which was later trimmed down to the size of a tooth brush, just because he had to wear a gas mask. This one is really surprising world wart 1 fact. See the before and after pictures of hitler.

6 Hitler Was Once Without Moustache

7- Heroin as a Cough Treatment Was Sold Openly:

Until World War 1 , heroin which is now considered as a illegal and an addictive drug, was sold as a treatment for cough. Later, it was notified as harmful and addictive drug to be taken by humans. Before World War 1 it was considered as a trademark and was actually discovered by a pharmaceutical company “Bayer”.

7 Heroin as a cough treatment

8- Chinese Labourers were then used by Britishers:

Chinese labourers were used by Britishers to dig trench. The strength of those Chinese labourers were round about 90,000 and its a massive man force to be used. These Chinese labourers were not forced to do so, but actually were recruited by the British government through the Chinese government.

8 Chinese Labourers During World War 1

9- Shortage of Steel Forced To Make Concrete Ships:

During World War 1 there was a shortage of steel and more ships were needed to be built. As a result an alternative material was used instead of steel which was concrete. Thus, heave concrete ships were built during the world war 1, there was ten of these ships. Now, some of these ships are present at a small coastal town of British Colombia.

9 Concrete Ships in World War 1

 10 – A soldier which could never sleep , I said Never:

A soldier got shot in the frontal lobe during the world war 1 and as a result he got some abnormality in his sleeping. He was never able to sleep again and now God knows how he spend his rest life. Not sleeping forever is quite a rare disease to happen just because of some sort of abnormality in the brain.

10 A soldier could not sleep due to frontal lobe


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