Ten stone lifter bench presses 165 kilos and other gym users cannot believe it

Bodybuilding is often linked with a healthy lifestyle but it is more about balanced diet. A person who has more activity in life needs more calories to make up for it as compared to a person who has a sedentary lifestyle. Someone who doesn’t move all along the day doesn’t need to eat large calorie foods.

A former high school weightlifter has made everyone confused with his 165 kilos bench press. He only weighs around 10 stone. He did the job as if it was an easier one for him. The other gym goers were left amazed.

Long Nguyen is the guy from Florida. He regularly posts videos of gym workouts on his Youtube channel. This serves as a motivation for him as well as for his followers. This keeps him as well as others motivated towards their goals. One of his recent videos has earned a lot of respect from his followers. The people in the gym were blown away by the quality of his strength.

Everyone must know that it is not an easy task to lift a weight which is 3 times the mass of one’s body. This guy did the exact same thing. He uploads videos on his Youtube channel with username, “UFpwrLifter.” It definitely requires a lot of hard work and practice. This guy showed that one can do anything if he has the willingness to achieve his goals.

The people standing near Nguyen could not hide their admiration. Normally, the first attempt to pick heavy weights results into failure but Nguyen technique was simply awesome. Ego lifting is so much of an issue in gyms but Nguyen has taken it to some other level. He has both skills and ego. 

Speaking to his spotter, he said

No lift off and I’ll say spot if I need help.

I won’t stop pushing so you don’t need to deadlift today.

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