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Ten responses to the #Trashtag challenge are just perfect

The internet has a property to make certain trends viral. Any weird thing on internet is quite prone to go viral. People start to share every thing which they feel is just not so normal and as a result it ends up getting viral at the end of the day. There had been certain challenges emerging on the internet in the past. These challenges were most of the times weird in nature. However, this one challenge which involves resolving the issue of open trash in public places has just earned the respect of the internet audience. It has gone viral for all the good reasons. Around 1.3 bn tonnes of waste is generated in the world per year. This new trend #trashtag wants the people to dig deep into this problem and resolve the trash problem.

This girl contributed to the #tashtag challenge and later took a picture to upload it on the internet. She along with her large family cleaned up this entire beach and later camped in the same place in the summers. This is indeed a great gesture. She shared this image on her Twitter account.

The guy just cleaned the entire place in Nepal. The exact location where he cleaned off all the dirt is not yet known, however after doing the job he just created a picture and shared it with the internet. This is an awesome gesture by the man.

Water pollution has incremented potentially during the past few years. This has adversely affected the marine life. Therefore a few people decided to clean the Manila Bay. The results are so overwhelming that this can motivate any individual to perform the same cleanliness regime on their beach.

She not only used her Kayak to fulfill her fun loving cravings but also used the same Kayak to collect together the dirt in the water channel. This is one of the good gestures which she performed and later shared it on the internet to give others some lesson.

These women are pure ninjas because they just did something which is too good for the environment. They cleaned a site which appeared to be a garbage dump and transformed it into a healthy site. This indeed is quite an awesome gesture by these women.

This guy is a real hero as he preferred to work one hour in order to clean the place. This place is not his self owned but still he took the responsibility only because he thinks that we all owe something to the mother nature, and collected the entire garbage thrown.

These students from Tetsocollege just simply accepted the #Trashtag challenge and they decided to contribute their own efforts towards this noble cause. Which these students indeed performed. and the results are quite clear in this picture.

Just look at the amount of garbage which this place has, it surely didn’t look clean prior to the volunteers taking up the flag of change. They came and clean the place with their own good will. Now, this place has been returned to its original shape.

It took ten people to clean this place for sake of completing the challenge. They cleaned this place on to participate in the #trashtag challenge and have their own footprint in the effort. They indeed performed a pretty good job. Just look at the amount of trash in the first picture, this is a huge effort.

The post creator on the Reddit wrote that his aunt who happened to be 70yo is a retired school teacher. He added that his aunt after cleaning up certain places used to put up such signs and she did that in the entire neighborhood. This is so sweet of his aunt and everyone owes for her efforts.

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