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Teenagers ‘Stab Innocent Man’ because they thought it was ‘Fun’

Written by Wamiq Ali

This is so strange that teenagers are seeking to stab others for sake of Fun and Humour. I believe that this is the worst form of evolution and something went wrong during the process, it’s better for us to go back if the future holds such eerie incidents. Two teenagers who beat up an innocent man for sake of fun have been jailed for life.

Razvan Sirbu, 21, was attacked by Charlie White and Alex Macdonald due to which he was caught between life and death situation. He endured many fractures on his face and was left with a broken ribcage. The audacity of the heinous crime was too shocking for anyone to digest the news story regarding these two teenagers.

The pair who is almist 19 years of age, both, have been jailed for 16 years and 18 years respectively at Maidstone Crown Court.

The body of the victim was found by dog walkers. He was found near a tent where he was living. The tent had been vandalised. 

Alex and Charlie

The detectives found a conversation according to which Alex kept on beating the victim because he thought that it was a funny act. Both the oppressors denied the murder but later were found guilty based on the collected evidence by the jury.

The cause of the death was blunt force trauma to the head and torso of the victim. The multiple skull fractures contributed a lot to the deteriorating condition of the victim. A neuropathologist examined the wounds of the victim and according to the stats he found that the victim could only remain alive for 30 minutes.

CCTV Footage

After the sentence, Alex went violent and he attacked the officer who later took him to the cells forcefully. Charlie had tattooed a teardrop, which signifies killer.

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