Teenager recovering from cancer banned from high school prom due to lack of attendance

Written by Wamiq Ali

The last thing I could face today was to watch some teenager getting banned from her high school prom, just because she had missed her classes because of a deadly ailment called cancer. I already had enough internet and work for the day but covering this news was an emotional duty.

16-year-old Alex Dallas who was attending Orminston Bolingbroke Academy in Runcorn, Cheshire had been suffering from cancer from the age of 4 and high school prom was a dream for her and so it held a lot of importance. She became emotionally devastated when she came to know that she had not been allowed to attend the school’s prom because of her lack of attendance.

To be able to attend the prom, she underwent a life-threatening operation of getting the brain tumour removed, in December rather than in the summer. This shows the importance which the kid held for the prom day. After the operation, she started taking home tuition just to make sure she caught up with the school course.

The family of the teenager was excited about her prom, so her mother spent around 420 pounds to get her a pink dress and shoes. The grandmother had planned a makeover for her, worth 100 pounds. However, the school ruined the plans because she hadn’t attended enough classes to be able to qualify for the prom.

Media contacted the school on the matter, a spokesperson for the school told Sunday Mirror:

We wanted to make sure attending the event was in the best interest of this student, and indeed her fellow students. Because she had not been in school for six months, we asked her to come in for one hour a day over a two-week period before the prom, so we could make an assessment and so she could interact with other students. Unfortunately she did not do so and so we reluctantly took the decision that it would not be right for her to attend the event.

Model Jasmine Lennard in her statement to media gave favour to the teenager. She said that the school must give a written apology to the family and should pay for the damages, like the cost of the preparation incurred to the family for the school prom. She even said that the school must be ashamed of the decision.

Alex Dallas in her custom prom dress

Alex told media that she suffered emotionally due to the decision. She had been waiting for this day since she was 11-year-old.

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