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Teenage girl hugs her boyfriend before his life support is turned off

A few relations in the world become really important. Almost everyone has that important circle which he can’t think to lose ever in life. Stephanie Ray, 15yo girl met a different fate. She had to say a heart-wrenching goodbye to her friend. The boyfriend of Stephanie, Blake Ward, was on life support. Blake was one of those guys who was rescued in West Indies sea.

The picture of the teenage girl as she laid her head with her friend went viral on the hospital bed. The picture was taken moments before the life support of her friend was turned off. The internet could feel the love and pain of this little girl thus they made the story go viral.

Blake was rescued from the sea in Tywyn, Gwynedd in north-west Wales. He was swept away from the shore as he had visited the place with his family. An emergency rescue mission was called and he was flown to the hospital.

The emergency services were called on time. Two helicopters were called on scene along with three lifeboats. However, as the guy was flown to the hospital, a few hours later doctors decided to put the guy on life support. The next of kin decided to switch off the equipment.

The above photograph captured the poignant girl sharing the last moments of the guy with a hug. It was reported that the guy went down for a swim as the heat was enough. However, a sudden tide wept him away including the other two boys.

Today has been the hardest day for me and it will be a day I will never be able to forget – wrote the girl on her Facebook with the image of her hugging her boyfriend

She said that Blake was a loving and caring person. He would have done anything for anyone. The brain of Blake was damaged enough that they had to take this hard decision of turning off the life support.

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