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Teenage Audi mechanic ‘committed suicide after colleagues set him on fire and locked him in a cage’

A judicial inquiry in the UK heard that an 18-year-old apprentice mechanic killed himself after his colleagues repeatedly bullied him, caged him and burned his clothes in the fire. The mental health of this apprentice wasn’t stable because of the said events.

George Cheese, 18-year-old, was quite happy when he got into a car dealership as an apprentice mechanic, but soon he started to come home covered in bruises; with multiple holes in his clothes, said his parents.


An officer in inquest came to know the serious mental and physical damage which the 18-year-old guy endured. On one occasion he was caged, doused in flammable liquid and his clothes were burned.

Keith Cheese, the father of the guy, later told media that he’d never be able to forgive himself. He said that due to his negligence his boy got killed. The day he was about to kill himself, he tried to talk to his dad, but the dad was busy watching a pre-recorded golf tournament. The dad thinks that if he had left watching TV and instead had listened to his son, the son might have been in this world.

A fellow Audi employee said that Cheese was set on fire once, he stated

I was in the workshop when a prank was played on George and he was set on fire. It did not go too far. We knew where to draw the line. It was not bullying.

While working as an apprentice mechanic, George Cheese was on medication and had once overdosed. He often used to receive bully comments like, “Take your happy pills George, you’re going to need them”. The fellow workers were making fun of his medication and mental stress.

George even reported the behaviour of colleagues to his boss, but the boss didn’t take any action against them, instead one day he watched him getting caged but he laughed and walked away.

On top of this bullying, George was also facing some relationships up and down. His girlfriend Chloe Skidmore-Lewis wasn’t consistent with him in a relationship and they were often dating on and off for about 2-years.

George Cheese with his Girlfriend

The inquest continues.

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