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Teen YouTuber found dead after he insulted a Mexican drug lord, 15 bullet wounds!

Written by Wamiq Ali

There couldn’ be more lawlessness in Mexico than a kid being killed for making a Youtube video. This is indeed a crazy story and our readers around the globe are going to face a hard time digesting it completely. This kid had almost climbed up the steps of fame but this Mexican drug cartel ended his story as dangerously as they seem to be in the movies and TV series.

Juan Luis Lagunas Rosales was born in the Mexican state Sinaloa which is quite famous for cartels and notorious drug lords. The kid spent his childhood as someone who had no father and his mother had left him to his grandmother as a child. Later, he moved to another town and started washing cars a profession to earn money. In this town, he is later going to earn his name as “El Pirata de Culiacán.” (means, the pirate of Culiacán)

He started to attend the parties and soon fell victim to the habit of consuming excessive alcohol. He filmed his alcohol consumption and in his videos, he started drinking to the point of passing out. Gradually he was earning his name in the cyberspace. The videos started to go viral and made him earn his name. His social media fame gradually earned him spots in music videos. The legal drinking age in Mexico is 18 years but this kid drank as if he was already an adult. He drew a fake beard on his face and also started to cover his body in tattoos.

The kid took himself to be invincible but in Sinaloa, which is quite well-known for being one of the dangerous states in Mexico, no one is invincible. In one of the recent videos, the kid being drunk insulted El Mencho, who happens to be one of the most dangerous drug lords in Mexico. According to U.S. government officials, he is the leader of new generation cartel in Jalisco.

According to El Pais, the kid said, “El Mencho a mí me pela la verga” which is a phrase for the insult which loosely means, “suck my c—-.

Monday night, the kid along with his friends got attacked amidst a party and some armed individuals shot him around 15 times in his body. Authorities didn’t find any clear reason behind the murder but they are investigating the case for the possible link leading to El Mencho. He is the last person who anyone would like to insult. El Mencho is reported to be a former police officer.

During a radio interview, the host urged the kid to control his drinking habits so that he may remain with his fans for a longer period. The news of his death saddened the fellow stars, they remembered him as a positive humble human.

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