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Teen filmed, laughed and mocked disabled drowning man and offered no help

Written by Wamiq Ali

Authorities in Florida say that a group of teenagers mocked and laughed over a disabled drowning man. Jamel Dunn, of Cocoa, Florida, 32-year-old man drowned in the lake while crying for help.

Brevard County office released the video today where Dunn can be seen drowning and the teenagers recorded the video of him crying for help. The officials say that the teenagers couldn’t be prosecuted because they didn’t break any law.

In the video, the teenagers aged between 14-16 years can be heard laughing at the poor drowning man. The man was a father of two. One of the teenagers shouted, “Get out of the water, you gonna die.“, the other added, “Ain’t nobody fixing to help you, you dumb b***h.

One of the teens asked his mates if they were frightened to watch someone die. Soon after that, a scream came in the background. Someone announced that the man just died and after than each one of the teens burst into laughter.

Teens were not obligated to help the dying man but morally they should have called the 911. The police would have taken care of the rest. Mr Dunn was reported to be missing by his fiancĂ©. He was reported to be dead after this video surfaced online.

Officials say that they were deeply aggravated and shocked on the events which led to the death of Mr Dunn. After the video went viral, a detective was assigned to interview the kids.

Simone Scott, sister of late Mr Dunn posted on Facebook, “So the detective claim they took the video to state and there’s nothing that can been done to the kids because they no obligated to help [sic]. Ok I agree they don’t have to help but they should’ve CALLED FOR HELP (911).

“My brother is disable and walks with a cane, please make it make sense to me [sic].”

Jamel Dunn the drowned man

The video which was uploaded on Facebook by her sister can be found: Watch Video as Teenagers laugh over the drowning man [Warning Graphic Language in Video]

This happend at Brocco Pond Park.

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