Teen felt entitled to phone – calls police on parents as they took his phone

Technology has shifted the landscape of many things. Today, the world has witnessed an abrupt change in technology and this is because of the continuous research of the human beings. However, it has also been observed that many people just don’t know the right usage of technology, which often results in wastage of time. Teenagers using smartphone beyond the recommended usage has also become a problem. Limited and controlled usage of everything is good, however too much of anything can cause trouble. Technology is a good thing which must be used to increment the daily routine towards productivity.

Police called as parents took smartphone of their kid

A kid became angry when her parents took away her smartphone. She wasn’t ready to accept it as a fact that parents had some authority over her smartphone usage. She called 911, as reported by WDNT. The phone was answered by a dispatcher and he asked about the problem which the girl faced. She told him that her father took away her smartphone, a personal property worth $800, which belonged to her. She further added that her father didn’t buy the phone. She was of the opinion that since the phone didn’t belong to her father, that’s why he couldn’t take away the phone.

The officers were quick to respond to the teenager’s call. They reached the home as the girl insisted it as a robbery. The dad had however, other reasons. According to the statement of the dad, he had taken the phone because he wanted to take some disciplinary action against his daughter. The officers then told the girl that phone was a privilege not a right, as she was under 18. Anthony Robertson was later interviewed by WDNT. He told them that he didn’t give back the phone which he took away for disciplinary reasons.

Things like this happen, as a mother in September, 2018 was made to visit court. She had taken smartphone of her daughter. The dad had alleged that since the smartphone belonged to him that’s why it was a theft. The husband had divorced the woman. The case was later dismissed.

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