Teen fakes being super-rich on Instagram and gets hundreds of followers

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Technology has enabled everyone to have a social media account and get some following. However, the fact which gets following can be sometimes money or sometimes entertainment. Those who have both tend to be celebrities or some super-talented people. Although, this guy is talented however, he decided to fake his riches in order to get some followers on the Instagram. His witty move has just shocked the online community and they have started to think that it’s pretty easy to fool someone on the social media, like this guy did,¬†he faked being rich with the help of technology. The social media dominates out lives and today we have almost complete insight into the lives of the other people.

This teenager fakes his life as a millionaire influencer and he shared his video results later, this is a wakeup call for all those who follow rich celebrities on Instagram and dream of being as rich as them.¬†These people should know that happiness lies within and money can’t bring on all the happiness.

In the video he seems to be calling it a sort of social experiment. As per the press release, earlier this week, Londoner Byron Denton on his channel thbhyron uploaded his social experiment which showed that it was quite easy to fool people on the social media. He spent a week outside while snapping pictures and later editing them into making them look like super-rich and later he posted them onto his Instagram account. He even added one picture of his fake private jet. The picture received 1,000 likes in just seven seconds.

There were other edited pictures which he uploaded on the Instagram. These pictures showed him wearing some expensive designer clothes. However, in reality he had taken those logos from the brands and photoshopped on his clothes.

He said that in the end he concluded that wearing designer clothes matter, because in the beginning when he was wearing simple cute clothes, he only got 1,000 likes but when he started to post wearing designer clothes, he got 12,000 – 14,000 likes on average.

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