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Teen caught shoplifting & security found dead-baby inside her bag, pleads not-guilty

Written by Wamiq Ali

This is one in million happenings which can either be called eerie or poignant but nothing can justify its occurrence. Some people might be feeling sick after reading the headline and hitting that one click which brought them here to this article. The news is strange as one shoplifter got busted and security later realised some odious smell coming right from her bag.

Tiona Rodriguez was shopping at Victoria’s Secret outlet in 2013. She was stopped by security as they suspected her of shoplifting some goods. The security guard accused her of stealing jeans but nature had other plans for the Tiona. The security noticed some foul smell coming out of her bag and upon search, they found a dead child.  Tiona was 17yo at that time and she was just caught red-handed roaming around freely with a dead baby in her bag.

The police was called to the scene and the belongings of the teen were confiscated. Further investigation revealed some shaky messages which were shared from her cellphone.

Take this s–t and dig a hole, put it somewhere, lol, then we go eat IHOP – one message read.

Tiona had delivered the baby in the apartment of a friend and she intentionally killed the newborn. According to PIX11 the baby had a weight of around 8 pounds and died because of homicidal asphyxiation.

Tiona has some history with such happenings, she became mother when she was 12 but the baby didn’t survive. Later, she gave birth to another baby at the age of 14, she kept the child without her family being aware.

Tiona is now sentenced to 16 years in prison and body politic thinks that the sentence if frivolous against the crimes she committed against an innocent baby.

She pleaded not guilty and told the court that the baby had died earlier in her womb and she didn’t murder her own baby in that friend’s apartment. Later, she conceded to manslaughter under extreme emotional disturbance.

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